Glassware Rentals in Miami

We carry an extensive lineup of Glassware Rentals in Miami! With over 35 years in the business, we have accumulated thousands of different types of glassware for all your party needs.We will always try to you get a speedy and on time delivery and as always clean glassware! Check out our extensive Glassware inventory. 
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Stemless Wine
Description: Stemless Wine 11.25 oz
(Case of 25)
Price: $.40 Ea

Beer Mug
Item Number: BM-1200
Description: Beer Mug - 12 Oz. (Case: 25)
Price: $1.00 Ea

Item Number: FG-0534
Description: Flute - 5¾ Oz. (Case: 36)
Price: $.40 Ea

Item Number: WG-1112
Description: Water Goblet - 11½ Oz. (Case: 25)
Price: $.40 Ea

Item Number: HB-0900
Description: Highball - 9 Oz. (Case: 36)
Price: $.40 Ea

Item Number: MG-1600
Description: Margarita - 16 Oz. (Case: 16)
Price: $.75 Ea

Item Number: SG-0100
Description: Shot Glass - 1 Oz. (Case: 49)
Price: $.40 Ea

Item Number: MT-0500
Description: Martini - 5 Oz. (Case: 16)
Price: $.40 Ea

Item Number: RG-1012
Description: Rock Glass - 10½ Oz. (Case: 25)
Price: $.40 Ea

White Wine
Item Number: WW-0800
Description: White Wine - 8 Oz. (Case: 25)
Price: $.40 Ea

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