Grill / Oven / Caja China Rentals in Miami

For all your cooking needs, we carry Grill, Oven, and Caja China Rentals in Miami! From charcoal grills to propane grills, and ovens, Miami Party Rental can accomodate all your cooking needs! For the best prices on Grill, Oven, and Caja China Rentals in Miami call Cache!

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Description: Charcoal - BBQ Grill
Price: $50.00 Ea.
Item Number: CG-1000

Propane - BBQ Grill
Description: Propane - BBQ Grill
Price: $125.00 Ea.
Item Number: PG-1000

Description: Wood - Pork Roast Box "Caja China"
Price: $90.00 Ea.
Item Number: CC-1000-W

Description: Propane Gas Stove - 6 Burner Range with Oven
Price: $150.00 Ea.
Item Number: GS-6000

Description: Propane Gas Candy Stove
Price: $35.00 Ea.
Item Number: CS-1000

Propane Gas Griddle
Description: Propane Gas Griddle
Price: $125.00 Ea.
Item Number: CG-1100-W

Description: Deep Fryer
Price: $110.00 Ea.
Item Number: F-1200

Propane Tank
Description: Propane Tank
Price: $20.00 Ea.
Item Number: PT-2000

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