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Item number: EC-0050
Description: 50' Extension Cord

Price: $5.00

Item number: EC-0100
Description: 100' Extension Cord

Price: $10.00

Item number: FE-1000
Description: Fire Extinguisher

Price: $10.00

Item number: HT-0575
Description: Helium Tank (500 11" Balloons)

Price: $220.00

Description: Latex Ballons 11''

Price: Call Us

Description: Latex Ballon Column

Price: $90

Description: Latex Ballon Arch

Price: $135

Item number: TC-0044
Description: Plastic Trash Bin - 44 Gallons

Price: $10.00

Item number: WB-0015
Description: Water Barrel - 15 Gallons

Price: $5.00

Item number: WB-0055
Description: Water Barrel - 55 Gallon

Price: $10.00

Item number: WB-0001
Description: Water Barrel Lid

Price: $5.00

Item number: PT-0111
Description: Portable Toilet Trailer - Comfort Elite III

Price: $1,250.00

Item number: PT-0111-P
Description: Portable Toilet Trailer - Comfort Elite III Platinum

Price: $1,500.00

Item number: SP-1000
Description: Stanchion Post - Steel Chrome Finish

Price: $10.00

Item number: RV-0006
Description: Red Velour Rope - 6' Spand
also available in Black.

Price: $4.00

Item number: PS-1500
Description: Stanchion Post & Chain Link - White Plastic Finish

Price: Set of 3 & 2 Chain $35.00

Item number: TK-0050
Description: Tiki Torch

Price: $5.00

Item number: PH-0150
Description: Propane Heater - Casts 12' - 15' Circle of Heat
Model S-100

Price: $100.00

Item number: BD-0005
Description: Beverage Dispenser - 5 Gallon

Price: $15.00

Item number: BD-0010
Description: Beverage Dispenser - 10 Gallon

Price: $20.00

Item number: BB-0001
Description: Wicker Bread Basket
Price: $1.00

Item number: CB-1001
Description: Champagne Bucket Stand

Price: $4.00

Item number: CB-1000
Description: Champagne Bucket

Price: $4.00

Item number: TN-1001
Description: Table Number Stand
Price: $1.00

Podium with Sound System with Mic

Description: Podium with Sound
Price: $135.00

Acrylic Bucket Rental

Description: Acrylic Buckets
Price: Round and Square $5 each. 

Item number: TN-1000
Description: Table Number Cards (1-100)

Price: $.50

Description: Air Dancer
Price: $50.00

Description: 41-50 Gallons Black Stretch Spandex Round Trash Bin Container Cover
Price: $12.00 each

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